Friday, 31 January 2014

NSV! (Non Scale Victory)

Not much to report today as I took today and Monday as Annual Leave to sort out some house stuff.
As a result, having a particularly lazy day, although I did pop into Sainsburys to exchange a pair of 'Large', black and turquoise running leggings for a pair of Medium ones(!), because the large ones were WAY too large! Result! On top of the size 14 jeans I bought last weekend because my old ones were literally falling down (look how baggy they are on my bum!), I'm feeling pretty good right now! :)

I happened to see another pair of leggings on the rack that were in black and pink, so picked them up too, only to find at the till that they were on sale for half price! Double bonus!

Both feel really comfy - stretchy and quite high waisted so I shouldn't have problems with them falling down, and they have integral mp3 pockets - unfortunately not quite big enough for my iPhone, but will still be useful to hold my front door key or some coins. for £14 for the one pair and £7 for the other, I'm quite happy with them :)  Looking forward to trying them out at the initial consultation with a PT at my new gym tomorrow morning!

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