Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday, Monday...

This morning was hard.
It's Monday.
I had a bit of a late night last night and we left a bit late this morning (after scraping ice off the car) so I had to run for my train.
This morning there were 3 guys in the gym who were all trying to use the weights area at the same time so it was busier than normal (it's not particularly big anyway), so I got through my mini-lifting workout quickly and hopped onto the treadmill to continue c25k.

Quite honestly, if anyone had told me even 6 months ago, that in early 2014 I would be running for a minute and a half straight, I'd have laughed in their face, yet this morning's c25k workout included two 3-minute sessions with two 1.5-minute sessions. More to the point, I was able to manage it reasonably comfortably!
3 minutes was definitely a step up from last week though, so I'm feeling positive, especially considering the end of the week is a third of the way through the programme. Next week progresses to 3 and 5 minute runs, so should be interesting!

When I got back to the changing rooms, I saw the sign on the door saying the showers were out of order, which I'd apparently not seen on my way in... Due to a problem with the boiler there was no hot water downstairs. I don't usually have a problem with 'cool' showers, but they were just straight freezing so I ended up having to wash my hair and sweaty bits with cold water at the sinks... not fun!

Roll on tomorrow!

Today's Workout (c25k W3D1):
Rowing (moderate, 30 spm) = 5 minutes
Walking (brisk, 3.8 mph) = 22 minutes
Running (slow, 4.9 mph) = 9 minutes
Strength (Squats, Bench Press, Lateral Pulldown) = 4x8 of each

Shoes: Vivobarefoot Breatho
(Replacement New Balance WR00s on the way!)

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