Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Back in the Routine

This weekend P and I had booked the Friday and Monday off work to give time to do some work on and around the house, which meant my regular routine got right, royally disrupted. I missed doing the final workout of C25K Week 4 on Friday, which I had then hoped to do on Saturday morning after the consultation at my new gym (more on that shortly). But in the end I only got halfway through it before I had to leave due to running out of parking time...

Anyhoo, the New Gym!
Very modern and shiny, and unsurprisingly loads bigger and better equipped than the little one downstairs at work. I finally learnt how to do the exercises for the Stronglifts 5x5 programme and the PT who I had the consultation with, said that it's very refreshing to work with a woman who actually has an idea about their workout and what they want to achieve - I took it as a compliment :) Apparently I have very good form on my squats and bench press, so must have been doing something right!

So playing catch up on c25k this morning, I decided to try it out at the new gym to see how busy it is first thing in the morning and how long it would take me to get from there to the office.
I suspect it will still be more time efficient for me (ie, I get more workout time) to do the cardio sessions at the work gym, but go to the new place just for weights. Means I will have to bring my shower stuff with me each day though, instead of just leaving it in my locker at work...
I'm going to jig my routine around to do Stronglifts on Mon/Weds/Fri and then c25k/other cardio on Tues/Thurs/Sat. This means my Saturday run will now usually be outside(!) - eek!

I'm going to finish off with a pic of today's breakfast - Total 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt with blueberries, a tablespoon of orange blossom honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. YUM!

Today's Workout (C25K W4D3):
Walking (brisk, 3.8 mph) = 19 minutes
Running (slow, 5.2 mph) = 16 minutes

Shoes: New Balance Minimus WR00

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