Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mud, glorious mud...

It would seem that this is really just 'one of those weeks'... I missed my usual train this morning as I left my bag at home and had to go back for it(!), which had the knock on effect of me only having 15 minutes in the gym. To be fair, I'm feeling physically tired today after yesterday's London jaunt; according to the Fitbit, I walked over 10 miles (over 25,000 steps) yesterday, which wasn't too bad considering all the stuff I was lugging around. But I'm running (ha!) ahead of myself...

Yesterday morning, I thought I'd take advantage of the brilliant frosty sunshine and go for a quick run before heading into town. I figured that after a pretty dry week, the local Common should have dried out slightly to go have a mooch around, so I headed out the door in that direction.
After running down the track on one edge, I followed the path that takes you onto the Common properly, only to find myself very rapidly in freezing cold water - what had looked like solid (but damp) grassland was actually pretty boggy wetland and any which way I turned, wasn't going to get me out of it. Undeterred and with water now fully soaking through my Breathos', I picked a direction which  I figured should have taken me to a slightly drier, higher patch of ground. Unfortunately however, said patch of ground involved going through ankle-deep mud...

Now I was never sure what I'd feel about having wet feet whilst running, but can now say for certain, that:

1) I can cope with wet feet, although the sensation of water in my trainers is still very odd

2) I can cope with mud - even ankle-deep

3) I cannot cope with my toes freezing

4) I am sick and tired of the ground being so waterlogged that even after nearly a dry week, the Common is still soaking :(

On the positive side however, the Vivobarefoot Breathos seemed to shed a lot of the mud pretty quickly and I didn't slip at all. A quick rinse under the tap, a quick spin to get most of the water off and sticking them on the radiator for 20 minutes, and they were near enough ready to go again (indeed I wore them into London as well). Impressed!

PS. Very jealous of all those runners in Regent's Park where the ground was lovely and dry.....

Any hints on the freezing toes front?

Today's (measly) Workout:
Rowing (moderate, 30+ rpm) = 5 minutes
Stationary Bike (moderate, 105+ rpm) = 9 minutes

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