Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day, My Ass (Quite Literally!)

P and I don't believe in Valentines Day.
There, I said it.

Given how we tell each other that we love them loads already, it seems a bit silly and very commercial to subscribe to a specific day on which to show how much we love each other. I don't need flowers, chocolates or anything else to show how much he loves me, because I already know.
It's a bit different from the high school days, when the Secret Valentine's Rose Delivery Service at my school was running, when the thrill of receiving an anonymous long-stemmed rose could set off a whirlwind of emotions (and rumours), but for already-established couples, it seems a little ridiculous and according to my other half, it puts a lot of pressure on guys to get it right for girlfriends who expect the moon on a stick. We both re-affirmed to the other, that any gifts today wouldn't be welcome.

That said, we have just taken advantage of a 'couples photoshoot' deal on Groupon in order to do something a little quirky later this year. :)
A while back, we said that one day we'd love to get a photograph of our bare bums to stick on a wall canvas in the living room(!). Since going to the gym and certainly since starting weights, my posterior is getting much... perkier, so as the voucher can be used up util May, in a couple of months' time it should be looking just peachy!  And how cool would it be to have an artistically shot photograph of your ass in a prominent position?! Far more fun and longer-lasting than going out for a meal or something, on one of the most overpriced days of the year.

P - as you very well know, I love you very, very much every day and not just on Valentine's  ;-)

Today's Workout (c25k W6D1 - still out of sync, GRR!!):
Walking (brisk, 3.8 mph) = 18 minutes (7, 3, 3, 5)
Running (slow, 5.0 mph) = 13 minutes (5, 8, 5)
Stationery Bike (moderate, 90+ rpm) = 13 minutes

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