Thursday, 20 February 2014

Working Lunch #1

It belatedly dawned on me that lots of my foodie posts are likely to be work-based, because that's where I tend to spend a lot of my time. I do my damnedest to stay away from pre-packaged sandwiches and other lunchables where possible and it's the meal where many people get stuck eating the same thing week in, week out, so hopefully I can share a few ideas for inspiration. :)

I'm fortunate in that where I work, we have boiling hot water on tap, a fridge and a microwave, which makes for more options. Lots of my lunches though, can be eaten at room temperature,

Although I've posted a few things previously, I thought I'd share one of my favourite lunches at work at the moment. It's not quite bento, but pretty close. :)

This was an almost accidental discovery - I had some leftover rice from Sunday night's dinner, and leftover salmon flakes from Saturday lunch and thought I'd just stick them in one of my favourite Sistema soup 'mugs' (which are also great for soups and pasta!).

Because carbohydrate + protein does not a balanced meal make, I popped over to the local Morrisons supermarket to grab some tenderstem broccoli, and also found a fresh sweet chilli and ginger sauce (in their fish section).

I gave the broccoli a very quick zap in the microwave, before heating the rice and then topping it with the fish a teaspoonful of hoisin sauce and one of Noritamago Furikake.

Furikake is essentially a Japanese rice topping - at its simplest comprising seaweed, sesame seeds and spices, although there are loads of variations. The Noritamago version contains sesame seed, wheat, dried yolk powder, sugar, salt, shaved bonito (fish) flakes and seaweed. It's great for making plain rice more interesting and nutritious. :)

The broccoli in the dipping sauce is gorgeous, and smoked salmon with anything is always good in my book! So good in fact, that it's been my lunch for the last 3 days!
The whole meal could be eaten at room temperature (assuming you cooked your rice last night or the same morning and kept it in the fridge until leaving home) and you could easily blanch the broccoli beforehand too.

What do you do for lunch at work?

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 27.5kg
Overhead Press = 22.5kg (only completed 3 sets at this weight)
Deadlift = 45kg

Stationery Bike (moderate speed, 90rpm) = 12 mins


  1. Some of my best food creations come from throwing leftovers together. I made Puff Pastry Baked Brie Bites a few weeks ago with leftover Puff Pastry (from a Pot Pie), leftover Brie (do you ever need a reason to have Brie), and leftover blueberry sauce (from a French toast concoction). They were delicious.
    My little local grocery store makes the best prepared and prepackaged lunches. I get to eat a ton of variety that way, and I know it's made from real whole food ingredients. This week, I've had a Chickpea Salad, Vegetable Soup and a Speltberry & Fennel Salad. They're very different and they always have a great flavor profile and a mixture of textures.
    Nice workout. I did box jumps for the very first time yesterday so now I think I can conquer the world. :)

    1. Mmmmm brie - I've not had it since Christmas. Might have to go shopping so I can 'make' some leftovers - LOL! Lucky to have somewhere near you that does good lunches - I'm really stuck for anywhere decent near my office :(