Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Little Catching Up...

Playing catch up on a few of the things I'd meant to share this week...

Somewhat belatedly, these are the awesome Smoked Salmon, Crayfish and Spinach pancakes that I had for Pancake Day (smoked salmon trimmings, crayfish tails, 2 tbsp low-fat creme fraiche, 1 tbsp lemon juice and black pepper, with a handful of young spinach leaves in each). I had 3 of the blighters, followed by a couple of Lemon and Sugar ones, plus a Nutella one because I felt like it - then spent the rest of the evening feeling VERY full!

 This has been my breakfast all this week so far... :) I'm hooked on these Finn Crisp Thin Rye  Crispbreads and they're especially nice with the Philadelphia Salmon and Dill cream cheese.
Not quite as much protein as I'd like for brekkie, but still really good.

 Today I finally got around to taking a selfie at the gym! :-) Thursday mornings seem to be lovely and quiet, so no waiting around for the rack, bench or the bars, so I was warmed up and through the Stronglifts workout in 30 minutes today.

Still relatively baby weights, but getting there slowly.
Would probably help if I did more than 2 lifting sessions per week, but I'm currently focusing more on my running and cycling at the moment, so am doing a 3-day cardio, 2 day weights breakdown which I'll probably switch around later in the year once I've lost a bit more weight.

And speaking of weight, the t-shirt in the picture used to be a much snugger fit than it is these days! It's actually pretty loose now! :)

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 35kg
Bench Press = 32.5kg
Rows = 35kg

Stationary Bike (Moderate speed, 90+ rpm) = 7 mins

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