Thursday, 27 March 2014

Baby Guns!

Very pleased to report that I managed to bring all three components of my HRM to the gym this morning!

I was even more surprised to find that my 45 minute Stronglifts workout burned about 100 calories more than the MFP values. As MFP has a reputation for overestimating burns, this was particularly welcome news - I can eat even MORE food on non-cardio days! :)

Finally, feeling somewhat pumped up by my workout, I wanted to have a bit of a flex in front of the mirror to see progress - and look! Baby guns!

I knew that I'd been losing weight on my arms as they definitely don't feel as loose and flabby as they used to, but I was still pretty surprised to see these babies have emerged. Apparently they're shedding off their cocoon of fat nicely! :)

Seems like I'm at the 'bite 'point for Stronglifts now, where I'm finding the weights where I can't just do 5 straight sets so have to repeat the weights. I'm quite glad though, as it's nice to see where my more natural 'baseline' is as the programme starts you by just lifting an empty bar.

So as it currently stands (since starting on 5 Feb):
Squats = 45kg (I doubt I'll complete 5x @ 50kg)
Bench Press = 35kg (didn't complete 5x)
Rows = 42.5kg (didn't complete 5x)
Overhead Press = 25kg (didn't complete 5x)
Deadlift = 60kg (still easy)

Cardio day tomorrow! :)

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 45kg
Bench Press = 35kg
Rows = 42.5kg

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