Thursday, 13 March 2014

Excuses, excuses...

These days I tend to get really, really frustrated by conversations with my mother.

When my little sister announced her wedding date last year, like me, my mum decided that she wanted to lose weight to look good in the photographs.

I went ahead and started cutting back my calories and then hopped onto the fitness wagon at the start of November (having decided that fitness and figure was more important than weight loss) and since then, I've lost 17lbs (nearly half of what I originally set out to lose), can now run for 25 minutes (aiming to run my first 5k this summer) and have started lifting heavy(ish) weights (come on, I'm only a beginner there!). I've gone down at least a whole dress size and most importantly, I feel absolutely amazing.

My mother on the other hand, has (allegedly) lost 7lbs in that time. I concede that it's better than nothing, but whenever I suggest she might want to try logging her calories or exercising more, there's always some excuse as to why she can't (age, injury, lack of time, social events etc, etc, blah, blah blah....). To be honest, I think we all know someone like this - I can name another few off the top of my head in an instant - people who say that they want to lose weight or get fit, but at the end of the day, do very little about it. The only conclusion can be, that it's obviously not that important to them, because if you really, truly want something, you will go out of your way to make sure it happens.

The other worrying thing is that even if they just want to be slimmer, they aren't willing to put in the hard work to get there and only want a quick fix (my mother commented that if she's not lost weight a bit nearer the time of the wedding, she may try raspberry ketones - I mean... seriously?!).

I've given up pointing out to her that there is no quick fix or magic pill as a shortcut for weight loss. It takes people time to get overweight and unfit, so reversing the process isn't not going to be an overnight miracle - it's going to take dedication and hard work to get there, and all I can do is show her by setting an example.

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 32.5kg
Overhead Press = 22.5kg
Deadlift = 50kg

Rowing Machine (moderate speed, 30+ spm) = 28 mins

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