Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review: Graze Snack Boxes

Once upon a time (in January 2010 to be precise), I signed up to receive my first ever Graze box.
The concept of snack boxes was still new and I don't believe at the time, Graze had any real competition, so the idea of having a box of random yumminess delivered directly to you was incredibly appealing (for those who may have been living under a rock for the last few years, the graze boxes are letterbox-sized boxes full of four 'healthy' snack packs which can be delivered conveniently to your home or workplace). I was a subscriber for a couple of years but cancelled my delivery when I changed jobs.

Fast forward four years, and I've just resubscribed. You may have seen that I like to keep my work snack drawer topped up, but I've missed the random element of being sent healthy(ier) snacks derived from a list of things that you specify you like/don't like on their website. For that reason alone, despite checking out Nutribox and Saviour Snackboxes and liking their principles, I won't be ordering from them.

When I snack, I'm quite specific in what I like: I'm not (shock horror) a fan of dried fruit and plain nuts or seeds. I usually prefer savoury to sweet, but when I do fancy something sugary, I want 'real' sugar (or honey/maple syrup etc) and not just fruit. I love olives but as a PA, I don't want ones flavoured with garlic oil! And I've not found a cereal or snack bar yet that I like enough to want regularly (perhaps I've just not tried enough yet). So basically, I like having the option to pick and choose what I want in my delivery, and if there's something I particularly want in my next box, I can request it. Simples.

All boxes come with a full nutritional breakdown of your snacks and conveniently, most are already in MyFitnessPal. :)

My first box since resubscribing has 'Punchy Protein Nuts', Moroccan Harissa Olives, Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers and Summer Berry Flapjacks (which I gave to P to take to work). Yum!

UK readers - Want to try your first one for free (plus your 5th and 10th boxes)? Click Here :)

Today's Workout:
Walking (brisk, 3.8 mph) = 11 minutes (6, 5)
Running (slow (but getting faster!), 5.8 mph) = 20 minutes (20 non-stop)
Arc Trainer (Resistance 25, 100+ rpm) = 12 minutes

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