Thursday, 20 March 2014

Then and Now - 3(ish) Months' Progress Pics

Yesterday I finally got around to taking some progress pics so I can compare how I looked at the start of my journey (okay, I only got around to taking my first pics after I'd been losing weight for a month and a half) and now.

It's actually quite enlightening, especially given the fact that I never used to think that I looked particularly fat, even though the scales said that I was technically obese.
Although despite there being a stone (14lbs) in difference between the two sets of pictures, I don't think the difference is as marked as it is for some people. For reference, I am 5'2" and 31 years old and working out 5 times per week for 45-60 minutes. Currently on 3 days of cardio and 2 of heavy lifting until I've lost a little more and meet my 5k running goal, then I'll reverse days so I do 3 of lifting and 2 of cardio.

What does seem to be apparent, is that I seem to have been losing weight relatively evenly from all over my body, perhaps with a slight emphasis on my back, shoulders/upper arms, tummy and waist. This tallys with the fact that I've gone down both a clothing and bra size over this period. My face also looks less chubby, and my jawline is a little more defined.

Most importantly though, I feel so much fitter! I've gone from struggling to do 10 minutes on the cross trainer and running for just 60 seconds got me out of breath, to being able to run for nearly 30 minutes. I can squat and lift 40kg with relative ease. There's a spring in my step, my skin and hair are loads better and I am in love with my morning exercise endorphines!

At this point I've still got about another 20lbs to go before I class as a 'healthy' weight, which at 1 lb per week with a little leeway, means I should hit target and be able to drop another clothes size before my sister's wedding in August. Result!

Today's Workout:
No gym workout today as I'm streaming with cold (my nose is running more than I can/will today). May go for a walk later :)

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  1. Before and after pictures are so worthwhile. It's always really interesting to see how far you've come along the way.
    Big well done on your loss! Some hard work has gone into that! :)