Monday, 3 March 2014

Week in Review: ending 02-03-14


'This week, I 'ave been mostly...'

Giving myself permission to roll with my hormones and enjoy foods that my body wants.  This has involved a Monster Salad, Japanese-style curry, Chinese takeaway, lots of beautiful, locally-made pistachio ice cream and testing an idea for a quick microwave banana sponge pudding recipe with almond milk custard... This week has also seen me allowing myself to get very irritable, but also to cry with laughter.

ENJOYING getting muddy on my second ever outdoor run on the local common. Apparently ankle-deep mud is fine, as are wet feet, but toes so gold they go numb, aren't good at all and were the main reason I legged it back home again before...

Walking for over 10 miles around London whilst viewing conference venues for work. My route took me across and along the River Thames from Battersea to Pimlico, and then the 25-minute walk across Regent's Park to London Zoo. Back across the Park to Marlebone and then from Vauxhall along the Thames' Albert Embankment. It was a beautiful sunny day but damn my legs ached that evening and the following day!

I finalised my recipe for chewy Chocolate Protein snacks for my man, to give him something better to nibble on through the day than regular chocolate bars.

I got around to making myself a BIG box of luverly wholewheat pasta salad for work lunches this week - recipe to come next week. :)

How was your week? :)

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  1. This looks like a great week to me, and I absolutely love this: "Giving myself permission to roll with my hormones and enjoy foods that my body wants." YES! AMEN TO THAT!

    I hope you had some good sneakers on for all that walking. At least your views were pretty incredible.

    Thanks for linking up. It's great having you.