Tuesday, 25 March 2014

You Know You're Hooked When...

...you find reasons for buying yet another piece of fitness gear... Oops?
After 'uhming and ahhing' about buying one for months now, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a purdy pink Polar FT4 to be able to track my non-step workouts better!
Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow :)

 In other news, after finally getting over my latest cold this winter, I had planned on getting back into the gym yesterday morning. However after missing my train (by seconds!) and thus having to wait 40 minutes for the next one(!), I only ended up having 15 minutes to play with in the gym. :(

Today I fared a little better and headed over to my other gym to play Stronglifts. After lifting 42.5kg in squats and 25kg in overhead presses, I had to wait a while before one of the bars on the floor was free to do my deadlifts. Was worth waiting for though, as I started lifting the previous guy's weight - 60kg. I quite like the raised eyebrow effect ;-)

This week has also been full of lovely eats!
The ladies have finally started laying again which means our egg basket is looking great (and I get lots of super-fresh poached eggs!)

[left to right: Jaffa, Gabbi and Boo]

After seeking inspiration from my MFP buddies, I made this uber-healthy taco salad for dinner last week (the tortilla bowl works a treat!).

Then equally colouful, was Friday night's saltfish fritters (recipe to come this week) with plantains, baked sweet potato and salad. I think after feeling poorly, my body just wanted the good stuff. :)

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 42.5kg
Overhead Press = 25kg
Deadlift = 60kg

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