Friday, 4 April 2014

Addicted to Fitness Gear?

Hi, I'm Zoe and I'm addicted to buying fitness gear... :-/

As if last week's bike wasn't enough, I've since bought:

1 x pair of 3/4 length leggings (all my full-length ones are too warm now)
1 x vest running top (2 tops isn't enough, apparently)
1 x long-sleeved base layer (didn't have one)
1 x short-sleeved cycling top (didn't have one)
1 x lightweight windproof jacket (didn't have one)
1 x pair of Adidas trainers (for cycling in - my usual ones are too flexible)
1 x foam roller (attempting to relax my calves and quads)
1 x set of bicycle lights (goes without saying, for commuting)
2 x SmartShakes (mix 'n match, baby! - more on these in a sec)

On the plus side, I don't think there's too much more that I can really say that I need... or is there?

One of the conversation on my MFP news feed yesterday, got around to the timing of sport nutrition This resulted in my going off to research the subject and on the back of which I decided to try having a post-workout shake after this morning's cardio session.

As I don't like chemical sweeteners and wanted to include a reasonable ratio of carbs: protein (which rules out many commercial protein shakes), this involved me making up my own using what we had at home:

  • 250ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 10g Pulsin natural whey protein
  • 30g Chocolate Nesquik
  • 10g Almond butter
248 Cals, 26g Carbs, 9g (good) Fat, 14g Protein

I was originally going to use sweetened almond milk with pure cocoa powder, however after looking at Nesquik's nutritional information (Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder 19.6%, Dextrose, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Vitamins (Vitamin C, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D), Minerals (Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus), Salt, Natural Flavouring), I decided it was possibly a better option. The almond butter gives a good dose of healthy fats and additional protein whilst the almond milk meant that I wouldn't feel bloated like I do after regular milk.

The resulting shake was rich and creamy and definitely worth repeating! Usually after working out I feel drained and by the time I get upstairs to my desk at 8.30am (over an hour after finishing my workout), I'm starving. The shake made me feel more 'whole' and filled me up to the time when I had my Friday morning bacon and mushroom sarnie at 10.30am. :)
So from next week, my shake is going to become a regular feature of my morning - which naturally meant that it needed something to go in!

I've got the regular Maximuscle shaker but I think they're just too big for the size of shake I'll be making. I'd been eyeing up the SmartShake ones for a while but as soon as I saw them in person, in Holland and Barrett, I knew they were 'the one'.

The 600ml shaker section has a unique clip-in mixer and is apparently a no-leak design. As well as the shaker section, the stack has 2 more compartments (one of which has a removable divider) in which you can store any other supplements/tablets or snacks. The (very girlie) bonus of course, is that the sections can be mixed up to create your own unique shaker! :)

Today's workout was cardio again as I still wanted to keep my feet pain-free and wasn't sure how well weights would go with inflamed tendons. It was really amazing to see the difference between my Polar figures and the estimated cals from the Arc trainer! The Arc trainer reckoned I'd burned more than 80 calories more than I actually did, over the 30 minute period! Interestingly though, the rowing machine was spot-on :)

Today's Workout:
Arc Trainer (Level 6, 130+ rpm) = 30 minutes
Rowing Machine (moderate speed, 32+ spm) = 10 mins

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