Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I Bought a Bike!

Excuse me whilst I get my excitement out of my system... :-)

I owned my last bike when I was about 12 years old - about the time when I was seriously into horseriding (and had my own pony), and we moved house. I can only assume that as the riding took precedence over everything else, my mum got rid of my old Raleigh 'sit up and beg' kid's bike in the move. I didn't even miss it.

However since starting my fitness journey, the idea of being able to get out and ride with P (who used to be a very, very keen mountain biker) has been increasingly appealing. I've been increasing my ride time and difficulty on the stationary bikes in preparation, but like the treadmill, it's no real substitute for the real thing. As P is now starting to get fit again ready to ride the London-Brighton route for charity, I wanted to get outside with him but unfortunately his spare bike was just too big for me to feel comfortable or stable. It was time to look at getting me my own wheels.

At only 5'2", most mens' frames would be far too big, so I had to do some research into the ladies options. We wanted something capable of keeping up with him on trails, as well as being used for the daily 5 mile commute to my workplace. With some ideas in mind, this weekend we headed to our nearest Cycle Surgery as they apparently had a number of ladies frames in stock, and settled on the Specialized Jett 29er.

Although I've really got nothing else to compare it to, I have to say it's wonderful!
So much lighter and easier to ride than P's heavy Downhill bikes, and the shorter reach means I actually feel like I'm in control. The 29" wheels sniff at kerbs and laugh at bumpy terrain, and the front lockout suspension makes road and hillwork a doddle.

We've been out on them three times since Saturday and despite a little seatbone bruising, I'm completely hooked! I think I know what my main weekend workout is going to be now! :)

Today's Workout (Stronglifts 5x5):
Squats = 45kg
Overhead Press = 25kg
Deadlift = 65kg

Rowing Machine (moderate speed, 32+ spm) = 6 mins

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