Monday, 14 April 2014

I Did It!

Seeing as my mudguards and very fetching Altura Hummvee padded shorts arrived on Saturday, I had no excuse left for not riding to work today, so ride to work I did!

I figured that Easter week would be quieter on the roads and left before 7am to make sure everything was really quiet, and made my steady way over the 5 miles to work to see where the potential problem spots would be.

The entire route took me dead-on 30 minutes, which considering the train journey plus walk from the station takes about 20 minutes (plus another 10 minutes if I walk to the station rather than getting a lift), I thought was pretty good and I'm sure it's a time that I can work on improving! I've spent some time today looking up alternative routes and have come across what looks to be a pretty cycle route running along the local river, so might see what that's like for the way home. ;)

I didn't spend time in the gym afterwards (it took me a while to sort my lock out and I had to go back to the bike to grab the lights which I'd forgotten to take off), but think I'll try to get some time in tomorrow.

Today's Workout:
Cycling (average speed = 9.1 mph (according to MapMyRide - included a couple of traffic stops))

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