Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Just a Quick Note

Crazy busy at work again so yesterday and today's updates are combined and a little brief!

Apparently I'd pulled my left quadriceps muscle over the weekend so I opted to get the train in yesterday morning.
BIG mistake! As I was waiting on the platform, [the train which was supposed to be] my train, went whizzing past empty and without stopping, despite the signs saying it was running to time and not cancelled. This wouldn't have been an issue if the next train wasn't due for another 40 minutes... grr!
Cue lots of waiting around getting cold, and a very pissed off girlie as I couldn't really do much in the gym either. I ended up doing just 10 minutes walking on the treadmill with a bit of gentle stretching afterwards.

Today my thigh was a lot better for the time off, so I was back on the bike again this morning - just taking it nice and easy. There were a lot more bikes on the road today (assuming because of the tube strike), and I was overtaken a few times by very enthusiastic roadies! I did still get to the office in 26 minutes though, which gave me enough time for 20 minutes on the Arc trainer.

I was taking it fairly easy again today as tomorrow morning I've got an induction session with Rayen, the new PT at our gym, who is going to put together a new weights programme for me! :)

Today's Workout:
Cycling (average speed = 10 mph (according to MapMyRide)) = 26 minutes
Arc Trainer (Level 5, 130+ rpm) = 20 minutes

Plus ride home: Cycling = 25 minutes(ish)

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