Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Putting on the Ritz!

Last year my (not-so-little) sister bought me and my mum a voucher for afternoon tea at the Ritz.
We had agreed to book our tea for the Easter Monday as mum was coming down to London anyway, so on Monday we dressed up on our posh frocks and headed into town for a rather extravagant overdose on sandwiches, scones and cakes (not to mention the glass of champagne and my jasmine tea).

Over Easter weekend I knew I wasn't likely to stick to my calorie limits (or do any exercise), but took it relatively easy on myself by aiming to stick around maintenance TDEE. I did go over a little, but overall I wasn't too unhappy with only having gained less than 1lb.

In other news, I baked a gorgeous Spiced Apple Cake over the weekend, and made a seriously good Minestrone Soup - will try to get the recipes and pics up next week!

Then to top things off, after my ride into work this morning, I thought I'd give running a try as my feet seem to be better, and  instead of doing the 2x slow (5.1mph) 10 minute runs I'd planned, I managed to run for the 20 minutes straight up AND felt I could easily have done more if I'd had the time! Definitely ready to start lifting again! :-)

As the office is incredibly quiet this week, I took advantage by popping down to one of the classes at the work gym. We have (another) new PT downstairs and I was (possibly a little over)excited to learn that she's an Olympic weightlifter(!) and is happy to put together a programme that I can do from downstairs (with the limited free weights section) - which also means I won't have to pay for a second gym membership! She's also hoping to get a power rack or cage for the gym (instead of us just having the Smith machine...). Fingers crossed...

Today's Workout(s):
Cycling (av speed = 12 mph) = 27 minutes (uphill to work)
Walking (brisk, 3.8 mph) = 10 minutes (5, 2)
Running (slow, 5.1 mph) = 20 minutes (20 non-stop)
'Power Yoga' = 45 minutes
Cycling = 25 minutes (average ride home)

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