Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Riding to Work: Day 2

Padded shorts were definitely a good investment as my bum bones felt a little bruised this morning! Admittedly, the cold didn't help because although it was beautifully bright and sunny, there was a light frost on the ground as I rode over the Common. I think I also need to get myself a pair of full-fingered gloves as my fingers took ages to warm up as well!

On my way home last night I tried taking a local cycle route home, which was a beautiful route, marred by the the Easter holidays (ie, loads of kids and dog walkers). I rode it again this morning hoping it would be quieter at 7am and wasn't disappointed; I just saw 2 dog walkers. It does seem to be a bit slower than riding the roads though, as it's a bit more technical with cycle path barriers and narrow bits! :)

Not sure which way to go back this evening - the dilemma!

When I got to the office, I then did a quick 20 minutes on the Arc trainer and 8 on the rowing machines to give my arms a bit of a workout. Gonna try to get back on the Stronglifts programme after Easter though, after my somewhat heavier cardio focus recently.

Today's Workout:
Cycling (average speed = 8.8 mph (according to MapMyRide - included slow cycle path)) = 31 minutes
Arc Trainer (Level 6, 130+ rpm) = 20 minutes
Rowing Machine (moderate speed, 32+ spm) = 8 mins

Plus ride home: Cycling = 30 minutes(ish)

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