Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Riding to Work: Day 3

No pictures today as I think it was even colder today than it was yesterday!

Seriously, it wasn't fun riding with my fingers balled up into my palms to try to keep them warm, and I don't think I had full circulation until a couple of miles into the ride!

No major update today as I'm busy sorting stuff out before the Easter break; I finish this evening for five wonderful days off!
Hopefully will get a bit of time to work out, but my mother is coming down for a few days which usually limits what I can do :(

Today's Workout:
Cycling (average speed = 10 mph (according to MapMyRide - included slow cycle path)) = 30 minutes
Arc Trainer (Level 6, 130+ rpm) = 20 minutes
Lateral pulldown, squats and bench press = 10 mins (not particularly heavy as work gym doesn't have the right equipment)

Plus ride home: Cycling = 30 minutes(ish)

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