Friday, 11 April 2014


I am so sleepy today it's unbelievable...
After a fabulous evening out last night at Evans Cycles (I only bought some new pedals, a mudguard and multitool) followed by a curry, I was tucked up in bed at home by 10.30pm, only to be woken up by the other half who had the midnight (or 1.30am to be precise) munchies.
For some reason, partially due to his subsequent fidgeting and snoring, I was unable to get back to sleep until about 4am, which has made today particularly painful!

As a consequence, this morning's workout was very mediocre on the bikes as I just didn't have the energy or inclination to keep my heart rate above about 140bpm for the 40 minute duration.
It's also affected my food choices today as I've just been craving carbs! The regular Friday morning bacon sandwich for breakfast and then lunch was a prawn cocktail baguette from Greggs. I'm also propping myself up on a full-fat Coke this afternoon... zzz..... TFIF...

Should get to try my bike out with its shiny new bits over the weekend with any luck! :)

Today's Workout:
Stationary Bike (moderate, 90+ rpm, L7) = 40 minutes

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