Thursday, 15 May 2014

An Apology

After a manic week last week preparing for my conference on Thursday, a long 'recovery' weekend and crazy week this week, has meant no time to update my blog.

Suffice to say, I've worked out every weekday except Thursday, Friday and Monday over the last 2 weeks. :)

Currently feeling particularly exhausted after riding in and then doing my full upper body routine, circuits class at lunchtime, walking down the High Street (and back up the hill) twice, and eyeing up my pre-ride snack before heading home...

The scales have finally started shifting again, along with my renewed enthusiasm for exercise and watching what I eat, so hoping to get that ball rolling again properly as well :)

Fingers crossed I'll be able to update properly tomorrow!

Today's Workout(s):
Cycling (av speed = 11 mph) = 27 minutes (uphill to work)
Upper body routine = 37 minutes (including 8 minutes of rowing intervals)
'Body Blast' = 25 minutes
Cycling = 25 minutes (estimated ride home)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fair Weather

I'm going to put both hands up and admit that right now, I am very much a fair weather cyclist.
I took one look at the rain out of the window this morning and decided that I'd get the train, rather than brave the torrential downpour before hitting the gym - and fortunately, the train was playing ball today and actually arrived when it was supposed to! This gave me enough time to surprise myself with a slow but non-stop, 25-minute run on a slight incline. I'm determined to complete my first Parkrun this month, so was quite pleased with this, considering I've not run for a week. :)

Yesterday morning I had my induction with Rayen, our new PT and Gym Manager at work.
I'd already said I was most interested in learning to lift properly and that the previous PT was dead-set against it, so was pleased to hear Rayen wanted to take me back to basics to build a good foundation to go forward from.

My new programme uses the equipment we have downstairs, which means I have cancelled my second gym membership, and for the next 4 weeks I'm going to see how I get on with it.
There's now a healthy mix of compound bodyweight, machine and freeweight exercises, divided into Upper and Lower body workouts and taking into account my cardio and ride to/from work.

I suspect it's probably going to kill me for the first week and that I might have to leave home a bit earlier (at least initially) until I know the routines better, but really looking forward to getting started next week! :)

Yesterday's Workout:
Cycling (average speed = 10 mph) = 26 minutes
Arc Trainer (Level 5, 130+ rpm) = 25 minutes
Rowing Machine (Level 9, 32+ spm) = 10 minutes
Cycling (average speed = 11 mph) = 24 minutes

Today's Workout:
Running (slow, 5.2 mph, 0.5 incline) = 25 minutes (5 min walk warm up / cool down)
Body Blast & Stretching clinic = 50 minutes