Hi! I'm Zoë, or as I'm much more frequently known as in online circles, Nova or NovaStar.

I'm a self-confessed internet-junkie, online gamer, fitness newbie, cupcake-baker, food fan and wannabe-hippy, living South of London with my pink-haired partner and our menagerie.

I guess Star Psyche is the product of a lot of 'false start' blogs (the only one that actually made it online was Food Fan), lifestyle changes and mental diaries, culminating in a single online presence where I can share my thoughts on everything that interests me. It is primarily a healthy lifestyle blog - a reminder to me of my journey from January 2013 onwards.

To give a bit of background for the trip; I'm 31 years young, 5'2" and as at 8.15am on 6 January 2014 (my first weigh-in of the year), I weighed 11st 12.5lbs (166.5 lbs) - down from 177lbs in November 2013.

I wear a UK size 16 and have done since I finished University at 21, but wasn't much below a 12-14 before then. I don't think I've worn a size 10 since I was about 10!
I have crap knees (subluxating patellae apparently) so I've never been sporty, but I did ride from age 7, and had horses from when I was 13 (again, until university at 20). At Uni I danced Swing and Lindy Hop and learned to paraglide but then did very little exercise-wise until 2012/13 when I went to Zumba classes once a week.

Summer 2013 was notable in the fact that despite the fact I don't eat a rich diet, was only 30 years old and female, I was diagnosed with gout. As the other main factors are genetics (both parents have it) and weight-related, I decided that I had to do something proactive to get myself healthy. Like the proverbial lightswitch, I suddenly had the desire to get fit and in November 2013 I joined the gym at work. I've been every weekday morning (that I have been in the office), ever since and do a mix of cardio and strength training.

Lifestyle-wise, I cook/prepare about 95% of our meals. I believe in real butter, whole milk and not cutting out anything from my diet; everything is fine in moderation! I watch my calorie intake and believe in the magic forumula: Calories Out > Calories In = Weight Loss
I love baking - cupcakes in particular as I enjoy getting creating with the decorations.

I only use natural (and preferably organic) products on my body, and love to make my own. In the house we use eco products wherever possible and practical. I grow as much of our own fruit and veg as possible, and we also have three gorgeous urban chickens who try to keep our three ginger cats in line!

Jaffa, Gabbi and Boo

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  1. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! Best wishes for your fitness journey :)